Moving Forward


Our Next Step- A Learning & Apprenticeship Hub

We are currently raising funds to build a center to inspire and build up the marginalised youth. At this center, this is where they can learn from mentors and be connected to the relevant industries. The young people will be able to acquire both soft skills and craftsmanship while mentors guide and teach them the values needed in the workforce.


Our Approach

© PHI LIFE CENTER’S MODEL PROCESS was developed to guide and mentor the young people to be mentored while developing sustainable businesses. We seek to model a culture where there is a self-sustainable eco-system of positivity. In the system, which will eventually be implemented in the apprenticeship hub, the youths will be mentored with positive and empowering life values while working on projects to developing local or original brands. The mentors that we get will be experienced practitioners in the relevant industries so as to ensure even the continuity of sustainability for the individual even after the programme ends.

So what exactly does Equalinequality do?

Using the apprenticeship hub and © PHI LIFE CENTER’S MODEL PROCESS, we seek to take the marginalised young people to empower, mentor and equip them to love to their fullest potential in their chosen field.

This would help them break out from vicious cycles of poverty mindsets and from generational issues that they have had no guidance to walk out off prior to the mentorship programme.

Ms Dawn Teo, our founder, strongly believes that there is hope with every youth and every life.

We hope through this means we can help to solve the issues and integrate even the most delinquent youths back into society with healthy habits while being mentored. We also hope to keep it sustainable by empowering them to take responsibility over their lives with the right values.

If you love what we do, we would kindly request contributing to our fund aimed towards building this. We are a non-profit organization and we seek to eventually let this develop into a sustainable eco-system that even the generations after will benefit from.