About Us


Our Founder Ms Dawn Teo’s Humble Beginnings

The work with marginalised youth began in 2014 (company incorporated in 2015) by our founder, Ms. Dawn Teo. She is a veteran in the banking industry, having more than 20 years of experience under her belt. Her passion to serve them began when she mentored youths at Singapore Girls’ Home on a regular basis.

Many of these youths are disadvantaged because they are unable to break the vicious cycle of poverty, abuse and delinquency. In order for real impact to take place, Dawn recognized the need for a greater commitment to these youths.

It is for these reasons that Dawn has boldly stepped out to set up Phi Life Center. 

On March 2018, Dawn was featured on Woman’s Talk Series, a youtube channel produced by local celebrity, Eunice Oslen & catered for women. Learn more about Dawn’s story in the video below.

Watch Dawn’s Woman’s Talk Interview Below



The Movement

Started under the branding of W2W (Women To Women) with origins from Dawn’s work in the Girls Home. She brought women in teams to reach out to the homes, in which it was there she perceived that many of these institutionalised young ladies may not have equal opportunities to live to their fullest potential in these Homes, as compared to their healthy counterparts.

Eventually, her key core team was also impacted and likewise chose careers that has the flexibility of time to befriend and help these youths. Through this work, many working professionals have come through to befriend the youths post-care.They have also used their professional corporate skills to enter into the Homes to provide life skills training.

Today, Phi Life Center has worked extensively with youths across both Girls Home as well as Boys Home.

In addition, Ms. Dawn is also looking to investing in the future generation, as well as empowering the marginalized, through mentorship programmes and projects with affiliated partners.



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Isaac Ong (founder of Colours Global)

Isaac Ong, a finalist on The Voice Singapore and Malaysia, has a life mission to use music, media and messages to transform society positively. His heart is for the under-served in our communities and taps onto the potential of our media platforms to raise awareness of social issues around Asia. He started Colours Global, a social enterprise that tackles social problems. He has spent the last 4 years doing rehabilitative work through music and art in the Singapore Girls Home, and at present assisting a NGO in Batam that seeks to provide a better life for the children living in the slums. Isaac believes that change does not need to be tough and impossible, but it starts with a self-awareness of what we have in our hands.


Xue Yong Zhi ( founder of Distinct Creative Arts)

Being the Founder for Distinct Creative Arts (DCA) - a dance company which hold the motto of 'Making Lives Count, Xue Yong Zhi believes in impacting lives and building a place for like-minded people of the younger generation.While dance is his passion, he has deep love for people. To him, dance is a skill that should be learnt and passed to the younger generation and believes that it is also a medium for bonding and character building. Having more than 10

years of experience in coaching/mentoring many youths and over more than 10 Primary Schools, numerous Kids dance courses, achieving several placings in competitions such as DanceWorks! as well as Distinctions in Singapore Youth Festival, it’s no doubt that training and developing kids is one of his strength. Also a founder of a dance crew - Urban Terrain Groovers, where there are Youth and Kids under the umbrella of it, trained and mentored on a weekly basis.

Beside coaching schools and mentoring the kids and youth of Urban Terrain Groovers, he had also taught the boys in Singapore Boys’ home and boys hostel under MCYS (MSF now) for a few years. He hope to let these youth find a meaning and purpose in life through dance and also creating a better living environment for them. Most of the youth in Urban Terrain Groovers are actively mentored by assisting him in teaching these youth at risked also befriending them and setting a good example to them as a role model.

Having trained in Wushu in the National Team for many years, together with the training from dance, he is known for coaching Tumbling/acrobats to people for all ages. He sees great potential in kids and believe that their ability is limitless, thus always creating opportunities and platforms such as dance courses, camps and competitions to push their growth and challenge their limits.