Join us in financial partnership in financing these exciting projects & learning journies.


1. Funding to sustain and support all of our good works not only in Singapore but all across ASIA.

2. We are looking for more apprenticeship mentors to train inspire and guide the young people.

3. A space to build the youth centre.

We are targetting to raise $500,000. This is bid to develop and produce programmes to work towards closing the inequality gap. Below is a short description of what your financial partnership will be contributing into.


Providing S.T.E.A.M training

For marginalised children & youths.

S.T.E.M. stands for Science.Technology.Engineering.Arts.Math trainings.

We provide these trainings to enable children and youths to get an equal chance and standing in terms of learning technology. This is done by making the education of technology as a means of an equaliser to these marginalised younglings.

Building a space for the youth

A centre and space for them to experiment and explore and dream, supported with guided coaching and mentoring. The space is purposed to be a safe environment for the youth. This will help decrease delinquency even as the youths are able to find a space to express themselves with healthy guided boundaries. This place will specialise in providing a safe space to impart crafting, bespoke artisanal skills with hands-on applications and coaching.

Apprenticeship mentoring

Mentoring will ensure that the youths will not only learn vocational skills but will also be holistically developed in character and values with the skillset of excellence & disciplines. The centre provides as an outlet for the youths to interact while the mentoring firms up healthy core belief systems. This will empower the younger generation with positive outlooks and foundational understanding as a holistically healthy individual in society.