The Movement

The movement started under the branding of W2W (Women To Women) with origins from Dawn’s work in the Girls Home. She brought women in teams to reach out to the homes, in which it was there she perceived that many of these institutionalised young ladies may not have equal opportunities to live to their fullest potential in these Homes, as compared to their healthy counterparts.

Eventually, her key core team was also impacted and likewise chose careers that has the flexibility of time to befriend and help these youths. Through this work, many working professionals have come through to befriend the youths post-care.They have also used their professional corporate skills to enter into the Homes to provide life skills training.

Today, Phi Life Center has worked extensively with youths across both Girls Home as well as Boys Home. We also have partnerships with UN Women & multiple local organisations.

In addition, Ms. Dawn is also looking to investing in the future generation, as well as empowering the marginalized, through mentorship programmes and projects with affiliated partners.